'Transfigurations' are a series of cut-out artworks. They aim transfigure the notions of femininity, traversing cultures of East and West. The body of work is multifaceted taking into account the different representations of the Middle Eastern woman in society seen in the eyes of the European Orientalist painters. It alludes to the 1001 Arabian Nights, Islamic geometry and 19th century Orientalist painting. This fusion of cultural paradigms attempts to demystify traditional concepts of the Middle Eastern woman-historically and metaphorically.

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'Transfigured 1' 47cm x 38cm framed 37cm x 29cm unframed (Sold)



'Ingres Transfigured 3' 38cm x 48cm framed 27cm x 37cm unframed (Sold)



'Matisse Transfigured' 33cm x 43cm framed 22cm x 32cm unframed (Sold)


'Manovens Transfigured' 40cm x 36cm framed 29cm x 25cm unframed



'Fortuny Transfigured' 36cm x 46cm framed 25cm x 35cm unframed



'Gerome Transfigured 2' 33cm x 50cm framed 22cm x 39cm unframed (Sold)



'Chasseriau Transfigured' 42cm x 36cm framed 31cm x 25cm unframed (Sold)



'Michetti Transfigured' 37cm x 43cm framed 26cm x 32cm unframed    


All artworks are available for sale .Please use contact form or email Sousan at mail@sousanluqman.co.uk for any enquiries on prices and commissions.